Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Big South Austin Sun

We were inspired by Big Red Sun to create a file-cabinet-turned garden. Filled with succulents, this is a great option for Austin’s climate.

First we bought two file cabinets. After removing all the drawers*, we laid one its side (the mint colored) and then we laid the other on its back. This created a nice lip that we are using as a table. Tim then drilled holes to create drainage.

We next installed a small shelf hidden inside the brown cabinet to elevate what would be the bottom and filled it with rocks and dirt (with no shelf, you’re looking at a lot of dirt).


Tim also welded a small disk and post. The disk is filled with more succulents and the post holds a humming bird feeder. Although, we don’t know how many birds make their way through downtown. As for the plants – we got them from friends’ yards, Big Red Sun, Great Outdoors, the Zilker succulent show and Home Depot.

*Inside the vintage brown cabinet, we found the sweetest letter dated August 9, 1935 from a brother to his sister. It’s still on our fridge because Nicole can’t bare to throw it away.

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