Sunday, April 26, 2009

Making Pies

25 years ago, Tim’s parents salvaged a sign that said, “Hannah’s Pies” in Dallas. At the time, they thought it would go in their game room, but turns out it didn’t fit.

The metal signs have been sitting behind a shed ever since. Tim salvaged and popped off the plastic covers and broken neon bulbs. From there he scrubbed, primed and painted. We decided to use the two-tones because we wanted them to pop without overwhelming the space.

This is the before picture where we mounted them on the wall with the original paint, and to the right are the letters with their spiffy white.

What makes the "”PIES” so great is that they sit over the dining table facing the kitchen. Nicole had been trying to track down letters or a sign to say, “OPEN” so we were really happy when we found these in Tim’s parent’s yard – they had an interesting story and they were free.

Here is a great song Nicole loves that just seems to fit, too.

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